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"Look At My Spectacles"

"Look At My Spectacles"

Every time I go to France, the optician store jump out at me – mainly because of their signage.  I noticed this in February – see giant optician’s  brass spectacles post – and I noticed them again last week.  They all have an interesting sign outside and this makes you look and notice.  Most are big specs in one form or another but some like this one here, are more graphic.

I never see anything like this in the UK.  Is that because the independent optician in the UK is dull or is just becasue they’re not French?

Now someone will send me a note or comment to say that I must be blind or walking around with my eyes closed half the time because they’re everywhere!

And another thing for good measure.  There are two relatively recent chains of opticains with amongst the dullest fascias in retailing.  Just type.  No logo: No imagery.  It may be sophisticated (?) but it’s Dullsville Arizona.