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Jee Vice Glasses On Rihanna

New Sunglasses/Spectacles Brand Pumping Out The Publicity

See Advice On Spectacles Colours: Red For Danger

There’s a clever PR outfit in California who have got a lot going for it when it comes to getting the spectacles news out there. Quite recently we had JSP in new sunglasses – as news sent by clever PR co. – and now we have Rihanna (who I know very little about – but I know is big-big-big) in her amazing looking Red Hot spectacles/sunglasses.

Jee Vice Red Hot Spectacles

Jee Vice Red Hot Spectacles

So they’ve got new & special spectacles frames & shades, the stars wearing them (also seen on other top slebs) and they’ve got the PR machine on red alert – what more do they want…

Retailing at $250 in six colours – people are going to buy them.

Balanciaga Sunglasses

Spectacles Blog Odyssey Through A-Z of Designer Singlasses

Designer of very Chic Snooker Player's Sunglasses?

I feel like I’m wading through a long list in an attempt to get though all these names of designers who have also added their (great) names to glasses & sunglasses.  I’m still on B. 

And is it worth it when I get to see a new brand name on some glasses.  Yes and no: Usually not.  Unless they are firstly glasses, spectacles or sunglasses designers (and maybe extend their brand thereafter), the glasses are usually routine.  What about Balanciaga?

We think they’re lovely!  (Even though they look like snooker players’ specs!)  Great, clear photo too, reflecting the quality of make& manufacture.  This Spanish brand has been on the go since the 1920’s.  I can imagine people liking these glasses.

Polaroid Sunglasses Fight Back

Rapid Eyewear Comments on Spectacles Blog Spark Rapid Response

Running "Race" Sunglasses FromPolaroid

Running "Race" Sunglasses From Polaroid

My friend Laura at Polaroids has seen the Spectacles Blog post yesterday with all the various sports glasses comments from John and she’s not a happy spectacles bunny!  These comments are on the Why I Love Polaroids post.

She says “Polaroid does offer a sports range with interchangeable lenses at www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk/sunglasses/sports/running.htm so people can adjust to fast-changing weather conditions.  Also, our lenses are shock resistant and our frames are engineered for a close comfortable fit.

I wear mine running and in-spite of of my ladylike “glow” polaroid sunglasses stay in place. Ditto when I’m fly-fishing and golfing.  Have a look at our new Polaroid Sunglasses site and you might see a few things you like the look of”.

Well I had a pair of Polaroids to test see Spectacles Blog post on the “Triple Jump” which my sporting son now wears and they are impossible to shake off.  I’m still in the dark about interchangeable lenses (neutral and dark, as the above specs have) as I never had any!  Those shown above are “Race” running shades with interchangeable lenses. 

Now do I expect more from the competition…

A New Source Of Sunglasses!

2013 Update... even cheaper!

2013 Update… even cheaper!

Amazing Amazon Value Sunglasses

Looking around for value sunglasses and of course Amazon are there!  What don’t they sell these days?  And what value.  (Sorry this sounds a bit fawning but seriously look at some of the values!)

As an example these are sold as “Sturdy yet Lightweight Metal Frame will Last for Years/PC Lens is UV400 Rated to block 100% of harmful rays/mirror lens in fashion colors with Microfiber Cleaner bag included/30 day money-back guarantee INCLUDING original Freight if you are not completely Satisfied/Lifetime Breakage Warranty”  all for $16.95 (and a rainbow pair are only $7.95) The reviews are positive but who knows how independent they are.  Model; AV5 sports aviator Revo lens, blue.  (I don’t think they can be “Revo” brand, judging by their range & prices.  Maybe the lenses are Revo.)  There are other similar pairs (not as good looking though) for as little as $6.95.  Silly prices eh!

The spec&tech for this pair: Polycarbonate shatterproof Substrate Lens/UV-A and UV-B Protection/Anti-Fog Hydrophobic water repelant lens coating/Microfiber cleaner/bag included/Anti-Scratch lens coating/Sweep lens allows 180 degree field of vision.

Lunettes (Sunglasses to us) Anne et Valentin

Amazing & Varied Designs Of Glasses

Spectacles In Made Up Colours

Made Up Coloured Spectacles

Thanks to a comment received from a Sarah J, who suggested this spectacles designer, I have just visited the wonderful world of Anne et Valentin.  Self styled “rogueish” glasses makers, they describe their spectacles as “playful, brightly hued… whimsical yet crafted with all the care imaginable”.  And they have certainly pushed the boat out with original designs in great colours; colours they say they have created themselves.

The comment from Sarah was in response to someone wanting more “feminine” frames and they certainly have those – but I like the bolder ones.  Actually I like nearly all of them – as does aparently, Spanish actress Victoria Abril and Japanese couturier Yohji Yamamoto who both buy their glasses from this Parisienne Couture Glasses Company.

I thoroughly recommend their website to you all!

CliC Glasses Again!

This Time It’s Reading Glasses

Black Frame Amber Lens Sunglasses

Black Frame, Amber Sunglasses

We’ve seen CliC sports goggles (where I think the concept is most apt) and we’ve seen CliC glasses (reading glasses, they were or are now described as, where I guess the steroetype is the elderly losing their spectacles unless they’re on a string) and having had another look, I though that we’d have a quick look at their sunglasses.

The trouble is (and it’s a good problem) is there’s all this choice!  These are actually called sports glasses and you can choose several frames (two were black and I couldn’t tell the difference) and then you choose lenses.  And you can get sun-readers as well.  So it’s a good idea if you want to choose CliC, to go to their site and see for yourself and don’t let me confuse you.  (Though I have to say that their site/shop site is not what I’d call “user-friendly”.)  The prices vary a lot too as there are some good special offers NOW!.  (I think those pictured are £29.99)

There’s not a great deal to say about the glasses; as the whole concept rests on the click-at-the-front idea and basically this means that you’re less likely to lose them.  The bit I found most interesting was that “the revolutionary front connection system is achieved thanks to the state of the art Neodymium magnet that resists forces up to 130mph (as tested in Harley Davidson wind tunnels)”

The only other Tech&Spec worth reporting was all about the goggles.

Stella McCartney Butterfly Sunglasses Confusion

Sunglasses: Butterfly Shape?  Butterfly Charm? Rhinestone Bits?!

Sunglasses With Butterfly/Gem Charms

I’ve had a comment from Kelly, a reader who asks what to do with the gem and the “brown thing” that came with her Stella McCartney butterfly glasses!  And no instructions!

Spectacles Blog to the rescue (assuming this is a genuine enquiry and not a clever way for more cover for Stella sales!) and found two things: [1] Butterfly SHAPED sunglasses just to confuse things.  And they are completely different sunglasses from Stella, as right.

Butterfly SHAPE!

Butterfly SHAPE!

And [2] the sunglasses in question (now not available from asos at only £29) as pictured here on the left.

To answer the original query… the rhinestone and the brown thing are an alternative decoration and the brown thing a mini screwdriver with which to make the change-over.  OK Kelly?

Trendy Reading Glasses On~Line

Crystal Clear Reading Glasses

Crystal Clear Reading Glasses

I saw these at a brand new website TrendyGlasses which I think just came on line today or yesterday.  They are all about reading glasses ~ spectacles and seem to have a pretty good range at pretty good prices.

These reading glasses (“readers”) are part of their Rhinestone collection with crystal* in the frame.  They cost $28.97 with prescription lenses.  They don’t show the size though.

*Did you know you can even get golf shoes with Zwarovski crystal now – check out Golf Shoes Blog

Affordable & Fun Prescription Glasses

Daiquiri in Cocktail Colours From Glasses Direct

Cheap prescription Daiquiri glasses

Trouble Is Seeing After A Drink!

I’ve just seen these at great spectacles at Glasses Direct (see ad on right/click on it!) in their “colourful” section. Above is aqua/red and below orange with clear.  They could be called the “yolk”
At £29 including prescription lenses, you could have a pair of each – or the purple/blue or the red/balck pair – one pair for each drink or night out.

(A daiquiri is white rum, lime juice and sugar syrup.  I’ll have one later now my whistle’s whetted.)

Will He Be A Famous Four Eyes: Gary Go

Trading On His Spectacles – Smart Man!

Gary-Go-Album-Cover ref spectacles

Trading on his spectacles…

Gary Go (real name Gary Baker) will be supporting Take That on their UK tour this year- after meeting Gary Barlow through friends and meeting in a pub.  Gary Go’s making a name for himself at the moment in anticipation with a new album and looks all set to be a star once the tour’s done, later this year.

And his image (see the video) is very much specs based.  He and his band all wear them in the  video and very hip they are too! PS 4 years later… the original video has gone and I can’t find it to link to. If you want to see him and his specs (still wearing them) you’ll have to do a bit of home work… search Google or YouTube or Myspace…