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Spectacles Blog Likes These Sunglasses…

Ray-Ban Never Hide (Make A Spectacle, More Like…)

Catching up a bit on the world of spectacles, glasses and sunglasses, I’ve only really picked up on these – via Australia, which makes sense. And I love them. Straight into the “wonderful spectcles” section!

And some of the actual Ray-Ban glasses can be seen at their site here… but meanwhile one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses for some time are seen below. What I wonder is though is why a lot of the others in this range are black on the outside, keeping the colours inside the temples. It’s a bit like the “crazy” jacket linings… only to be seen once intimate? I think if you’re going to make a statement, you should do it and not half do it. (Why else call the range “Never hide”. There are some great looking specs in this range and the brighter, the better…

Lunettes (Sunglasses to us) Anne et Valentin

Amazing & Varied Designs Of Glasses

Spectacles In Made Up Colours

Made Up Coloured Spectacles

Thanks to a comment received from a Sarah J, who suggested this spectacles designer, I have just visited the wonderful world of Anne et Valentin.  Self styled “rogueish” glasses makers, they describe their spectacles as “playful, brightly hued… whimsical yet crafted with all the care imaginable”.  And they have certainly pushed the boat out with original designs in great colours; colours they say they have created themselves.

The comment from Sarah was in response to someone wanting more “feminine” frames and they certainly have those – but I like the bolder ones.  Actually I like nearly all of them – as does aparently, Spanish actress Victoria Abril and Japanese couturier Yohji Yamamoto who both buy their glasses from this Parisienne Couture Glasses Company.

I thoroughly recommend their website to you all!

Famous Four Eyes: Alicia Keys In Spectacles

A Girl Who’s Not Shy To Wear Glasses But…

Which Spectacles Do You Prefer?

Which Spectacles Do You Prefer?

The other day when writing about Julia Roberts in spectacles ~ glasses and in deciding whether she should be an official Famous Four Eyes, I picked up the Alicia Keys in spectatcles theme.  At that point I had already seen her in two different pairs of glasses, although one pair had been labelled as her “signature” look.

So the BUT is that she’s another spectacles wearer but she’s not a famous Four Eyes as such because she’s so often without.  I took these five pictures from about 100 on a fan site.  In the other 95 or so she was not wearing glasses or spectacles.  (Lenses I guess).

The best look for the future, I think is the top right, the heavier, full side arm (“temple” which gives the intellectual look. Mind, maybe she wants to be sexier than that – OR, probably most likely, she likes to mix it up and not have one “look”.  Fair do’s!

Famous Four Eyes: Julia Roberts in Spectacles

Survey Says She’s Sexiest Star in Spectacles ~ Glasses

She's Famous ~ Not The Specs!

She's Famous ~ Not The Specs

Julia Roberts is the sexiest bespectacled star, according to an “In Touch” magazine poll in the US last year.

Readers were asked to poll their favourite star four-eyes and Julia Roberts came out top.  Now I don’t know who was in the list if there was one but I’d not say she was a famous be-spectacled actress.  Obviously in film she plays parts with or without glasses but in her public apearances she IS NOT a glasses wearer in the normal sense.

These two images are very rare in actually capturing her in spectacles and/or sunglasses.  Each pair of spectacles are very different and neither is “her” as in her image.  Consequently she only gets into Spectacles Blog’s famous four eyes by default!

Having said all that; in the poll actress Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) came second and I cannot find one picture of her in spectacles, glasses or sunglasses.  That’s not quite true there was one with her leaving a promo wearing free sunglasses  – along with all the other guests – so that doesn’t count!

(Alicia Keys was third; and she does sort of have “signature” glasses, albeit I’ve seen two distinct styles.  She is definitely a “FFE” candidiate.)

Spectacles ~ Glasses in Lidia’s Art

Artist’s Fascination With Spectacles ~ Glasses

veintipico,lidia gasparotto

See It My Way

I  have received an email from Argentina, telling me that my site is missing one thing – a mention of Lidia Gasparotto’s art.  Every one (near as damn it) has spectacles, glasses or “anteojos” featured.  And there’s a lot of them.  You can see Lidia’s art at the two following sites: B Uncut and Art Slant
Now Lydia, I want a link to spectacles blog and all your friends to visit my site!

Barack Obama in Sunglasses

WIll These Sun Spectacles Sell Out?

Cool but not quite Samual Jackson...

Cool But Not Quite Samel L Jackson

Following the massive demand and ensuing sales from Palin’s Spectacles… Now that we’ve seen Barack Obama in sunglasses (have we seen him in reading glasses or regular spectacles yet?) will there be a stampede for these sunglasses.

Who can identify  (or claim) them?
There are a lot of chattering sites especially in the States (with people casually insulting each others voting propensities and their mental ages) which include questions of whether Obama wears spectacles.  It does seem not – and in tht case he’d be the first president not to wear them at all.  Many do wear them but have chosen not to wear them in pulic!