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Telegraph on Spectacles Image; Superman Again; Founding Fathers etc

Talking Of Men of Steel & Spectacles…

Whilst reading about Superman and his glasses before (I just got round to publishing that Superman Famous Four Eyes post, but wrote it months ago), I came across an even older article at the Telegraph about Spectacles’ image and the statement they make.

We always like a discussion about the image of glasses/spectacles but to be honest I’m not sure that this article adds a lot but I did like the way he described them as props at one point. I also appreciaited his candour that identity was key in the choice of specs, not health – though that’s a given once you’ve got to the point of getting some spectacles.

He listed the usual famous spectacle wearers (including Abraham Lincoln, who I’m sure we list – yes, see here**), a high proportion of whom were assassinated!

Since starting Spectacles Blog some time ago now… September 2008! WOW! We must remeber our 5th anniversary*, the image of glasses has changed dramatically, partly inspired by better design, partly because (perhaps) celebrities are olde rna dover 40’s mostly wear glasses and partly (as I’ve said before) because geeks have lead us into the internet age and fashion follows money and design.  Geeks are fashionale = spectacles are fashionable.

*I just remebered that I got invited to Spectacles Wearer of the Year. Must get it in writing! I can wear a press card in my hat.

Thank You wikipedia for the image...

Thank You wikipedia for the image…

** Talking of Presidents in Glasses…

I can’t find a new picture of Lincoln in spectacles, though we do have a picture of his spectacles on the above linked article… But he wasn’t seen in them much. Was the author thinking of another president? Washington?

I’ve just read somewhere that all the US presidents have worn spectacles.

But why do I have the idea that one of them had something to do with re-inventing them…? Aha… he says later becasue of Benjamin Franklin who was not a president but a founding father of the US.  He is credited with inventing bifocals – disputed but also fairly substantiated. See our earlier post here.

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