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Vintage Round Glasses From I Need Spex…

  Edwardian Spectacles in Gold, Library Tips & All…

ineedspex edwardian glassesWell, I found these lovely looking specs online and I ordered some and they are quite delightful – at least to a the spectacles specerati, like me – with their elegant “library” temples and small round lenses and lovely soft gold colour finish. You can find them too here at I Need Spex

When I talk about library temples, it means that they are straight without the bent hook over the ears… Why? So that you can easily slip them on and off when studying in the library (where you’d find all diligent Edwardians of course). That makes them ideal readers – though I shall be using them for TV because I don’t need readers.  I’m afraid to say that I’d like to wear these in bed – with my dressing gown of course but I don’t need to…

The other feature of these replica vintage styled specs is the saddle bridge. They just sit on your nose – no nose pads. And because there’s hardly anything of them there’s no weight.

jfj in edwardian round spectacles b.w. sm.

For more info on general specs’ parts – see spectacles parts glossary with a picture here and for extra bridges & temples see more spectacles parts here

Given the Edwardian style, I though our pictures should be in black & white… The price is quite Edwardian too, though not in guineas, but probably not far off what a gent would have paid in 1910, at just £29 which includes prescription lenses, all in.  I’d say excellent value.  Love them, all round – pun intended.

PS 1. Although these glasses are not strictly vintage (as in old themselves), I have tagged them so as they are vintage styled… PS 2. The image is not me… it’s someone younger & better looking…


  1. Tate says:

    One friend has already ordered a pair of these as reading glasses… hey ho, the power of Spectacles Blog…

  2. Chris says:

    I also ordered some of these! Very classy! I also found these funky reading glasses at cuckooland com which I really enjoy, they’re great for around the kitchen :)

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