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Walt Whitman’s Glasses…

Erudition At Spectacles Blog?! Surely Not

Witman But No Glasses

Whitman But No Glasses

There’s an article that came to my attention (it had the word “spectacles” in it) in The Yale Alumni magazine on-line including such prose as follows…

“The eyeglasses, by the way, are real, but it doesn’t seem impossible for Whitman to have decided that Walt Whitman, capital W capital W, would wear glasses, just as surely as he’d wear workingman’s clothes, a beard, and a big slouchy hat.”

I’m an English graduate but I guess that I’m out of practice because I didn’t have the time to read the whole thing – or is that just my story…  But you can read it if you choose.

Glasses But No Witman

Glasses But No Whitman

Meantime, I’m trying to find a picture of the said man in said glasses.

I found Walt and I found the glasses but not together.  My friends with the monocles would like the style… maybe.

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