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Where Are All The Browline Spectacles?

I Want A Pair Of Glasses Like This

That's What I Call Spectacles
That’s What I Call Spectacles

The answer to my own question is at the Eyeglasses Warehouse!  These aluminum mens browline spectacles pictured (aluminum and what?) are what I’d really like to be wearing as my first pair of proper prescription glasses.  And I guess I could buy them as they are for sale – but the price is unknown – you have to phone or email to get the price I guess.

What I really love about them apart form the overall style is the wire temples (arms).

Who else is buying these I wonder and what’s the price? I’m emailing them to find out.  I’ll add the information later, if and when I get it. Of course if the price is right, I might just have to buy them before you do!  I’ll also find out what the white “brows” are.


  1. admin says:

    PS These spectacles were $145 but can you believe it: they were sold the day that I said I might buy them and now they have got none like this! The kind lady who wrote to me forgot to say if that included lenses but I suspect not.

  2. Cory says:

    I found this post while looking for some browline glasses. In another tab I found Shuron glasses (www.shuron.com) some of them appear to be of a similar aesthetic.

    PS From Tate: Yes search Spectacles Blog for Shuron

  3. Jim says:

    Shuron is the original creator of the browline frame. Go there first if you are searching for this frame style, Ronsir Zyl for the original and Ronsir Revelation for a more modernized version of this eternal frame. Most good optometrists will know the brand and style and will share cherished memories of this frame with you. If they don’t carry it, they will usually be happy to order it for you.

  4. Iona says:

    I was scrolling through glasses on google images when this showed up. I have the same frame as this! The arms were changed though for comfort.

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