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Who Wants To Promote Sunglasses?

this boy needs sunglasses

15 year old with no eyebrows wants new sunglasses… Any Offers?

For some bizarre reason (that people of my age don’t understand) Gabriel’s mates shaved off his eyebrows. He doesn’t seem to mind – it’s a badge of honour… So he doesn’t look too great at the moment – in my opinion.

But more importantly he needs sunglasses – ideally Polarised – see the second picture, below. (Sunny today!) Now eyebrows and sunglasses don’t necessarily go together – though you can pick up the shape if you’re uber-specerati – but he does need them to [a] look better and [b] continue with the sun and the spring/summer – and look good.

this boy needs sunglasses 2So here’s the deal… Some kind sunglasses store (or glasses/spectacles store) offers to send him some sunglasses (and sends them) and I picture him in them looking vastly superior and mention the kind benevolent store and link to their website/sunglasses section. Or it could be a maker – I used to get fab shades from my favourites at Polaroid.

Offers? First come… First spectaclesblogged!

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