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Kasia (2b) SpectaclesLong time no post… and is that for want of spectacles-related news, views or a boredom with the subject. So given that watching rugby (Six Nations) in a busy bar in Winchester may be more diverting (wearing my library specs as my current everyday specs)(having finally mashed up my normal day-to-day specs from Specsavers’s  * See below), I spotted a lovely pair of specs or was it a lovely face in  some specs that enhanced rather than hid it..?

Kasia (1b) SpectaclesI did ask where the specs were from but after the required Guinness for the rugby, I forgot… **

Kasia (I think that was her name though I had to check on a web site for Polish names… I thought she said Kasa), took my phone number but hasn’t phoned…  Goodness, I wonder why.

* Hugging & Spectacles on Chains

I keep my specs on a rope/chain around my neck… it’s why I never lose them. The only trouble is that when I take them off they sit on my chest and when I hug someone (as the mode is… or just as my affections are), the spectacles get squished. With a big man hug that can hurt and if it’s a lady they quite often get scrunched up in her bosom.  Does that hurt? In either case the glasses get a bit of a squeeze too and I think it’s taken its toll as they have given up being all straight and at first had a squiffy bend and then finally the arm broke off. Maybe they can be fixed by said retailer or maybe it’s time to get a replacement pair.

What do other people do in these circumstances? I suppose one alternative is to throw them round the back (and then panic later when you can’t see them). Another alternative is to put them on – but I don’t need them at short distances (why they are on my chest) and then the danger is glasses clash!

Lost Specs Found

This is maybe a spectacles subject all of itself… the losing of specs. Most people lose them round the house but I never do. Clever dick aren’t I?! I keep them in one place – only – and I wear them on a string. It’s when I go out that they get lost.

One pair ended up in my car park in the mud and I drove over them half a dozen times before I found them (Did I blog about that..? The indestructible Icelandic all one piece glasses I love so much!) The other issue is them jumping out of a top pocket when frolicking. I was reminded about this by mentioning the trip to the rugby as afterwards I ended up  having a great big dance at another pub/club and because I was not accompanied by many other dancers (none for the first half hour) I was leaping around a lot and practicing my shuffle-slide (very smooth!). At some point the specs jumped out – but I retrieved them the next day, fairly straight and only a tiny bit  scratched.

** Post script: I later found a diary note which said spec spitfire wincvhester (sic) and couldn’t work out what on earth it meant. Why would I spec the Spitfire Roundabout – of which there is one co-incidentally. After some more thought and research I realised I’d typed into my phone a note to  self which was the name of the spectacles maker. It turns out to be Spitfire Design!

Who Wants To Promote Sunglasses?

this boy needs sunglasses

15 year old with no eyebrows wants new sunglasses… Any Offers?

For some bizarre reason (that people of my age don’t understand) Gabriel’s mates shaved off his eyebrows. He doesn’t seem to mind – it’s a badge of honour… So he doesn’t look too great at the moment – in my opinion.

But more importantly he needs sunglasses – ideally Polarised – see the second picture, below. (Sunny today!) Now eyebrows and sunglasses don’t necessarily go together – though you can pick up the shape if you’re uber-specerati – but he does need them to [a] look better and [b] continue with the sun and the spring/summer – and look good.

this boy needs sunglasses 2So here’s the deal… Some kind sunglasses store (or glasses/spectacles store) offers to send him some sunglasses (and sends them) and I picture him in them looking vastly superior and mention the kind benevolent store and link to their website/sunglasses section. Or it could be a maker – I used to get fab shades from my favourites at Polaroid.

Offers? First come… First spectaclesblogged!

PS (Including Mr Johhny Depp) on 1970’s racing sunspecs

Famous Four Eyes Johhny in Famous Racing Style Specs

johnny depp in 70's aviator shades

Not quite the whole70’s look but…

After publishing the piece on 1970’s shades/sunglasses, itself following the film Rush, here comes Johnny…

Here (seen somewhere, wearing some other stuff… etc… see various sleb mags), he is in distinctively 1970’s shades. I have to wonder why..? He’s not a follwer of fashion – more of a setter. So why wear something so obviously fixed in a avogue and then ignore the vogue. Is the juxtaposition the trend? The specs just don’t go with the gear.

The specs themselves are reportedly nothing to do with our dear English/British film but the US Snakes & Ladders, also based on a true story. It’s a big coincidence isn’t it. snake & mongoose eyewear 70's racing shades

But I guess if 1970’s motor racing is in vogue both sides of the Atlantic, it must be good. Is all the rest of 1975 fashion back on it’s way too?

Spam and Compliments for Spectacles Blog

The World of Spectacles & Glasses Never Rests…

Well while I’ve been very lazy and not writing much on Spectacles Blog recently (some fatique, some disillusionment and some Xmas break), I come back to it to find the usual thousands of spam comments haven’t taken a rest. Most of these are caught by the spam filter and I don’t even look at them anymore, but some get through the filter and beg a reading. Most of these are spam too.

The first point has to be that I should be flattered that people (machines, really) find the site and try to get a free link. Some though beg a further interest as they may be a real person trying to punt a new venture or a new product and that’s fair enough.

One of these was a new spectacles & glasses outlet – an online store and I’ve written to them asking for some specs to review and that way I can genuinely give them a review and write a piece and show the specs. We’ll see if they reply… (Are you out there??)

And I also felt obliged to comment on their website which was a bit of a curate’s egg!

Another one was from someone claiming to admire the design of this site. I’ve sent them a private email to test if they’re real. Of course if they are they may still try to sell me something. Clever those people (and machines) out there…

And another was from a supplier of opticians software. Whatever next..?

But None of this is About Spectacles…

Like Specs for Grown Ups...

Like Specs for Grown Ups…

Sorry this is a big more blog than spectacles… But I can spout off I want. It’s my party…

Sons Daughters Frank-PinkYellow. see saw seen eyewear

… from See Saw Seen Eyewear. Buy them online for your sons & daughters

Anyhow, here are some specs from the other pushers and promoters. Let’s see how many I have to delete before I get something I want to mention… (About 20 emails and 10 Google Alerts…) And finally I found something that was mildly interesting (via the Staten Island press!).

These are specs for kids in San Francisco – or anywhere in the USA in fact as you can order online. They come from See. Saw. Seen Eyewear, priced from $58 including (plastic) lenses (and $98 with polycarn lenses).

The original story made out that they made hundreds of whizzy whacky specs to make kids feel great in them and the majority are basically just like grown ups glasses – if the grown up chooses to wear something a little less traditional. The pair here on the left are nearly the wildest and those on the right a good example of kids’ glasses for the young grown up.

And finally, I was  reminded of the other spectacles blog…

… possibly more hardworking over the years than I and in many way a better blog for that and for the many images and good sources of the new and interesting, namely eye-wear-glasses. But looking at his post count, it looks like he’s getting fatique too. What is it Rob?

How Many Pairs of Spectacles Does Lady Gaga Have?

New and Very Interesting Spectacles (again) by Lady Gaga…

Calculated publicity... by Lady Gaga

Calculated publicity… by Lady Gaga

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see people in all kinds of specs all the time. It makes writing about them a bit more interesting. I know that it’s just another form of publicity (what actually drags you  down when you do this) but at least it’s [a] fun and [b] different. Kindof…

These wierd looking things were seen recently at an airport (doesn’t matter which) and when I tried to re-find them by searching “Lady Gaga in wierd spectacles” and in images, of course I got the whole range wierd and wonderful. And of course the costumes too… It looks like she has aspecial outfit for every hour and every activity.

But it’s good to see someone really havoing fun with glasses. She has a bunch of odd and creative specs that I guess she has made for her. Do you think she has a special specs  dresser? One of the other pairs had a similar set up except with the clip-on (sort of more hinge-on) flapping down. Is the up or down aspect an indication of mood?

By the way whilst on the subject of Lady Gaga, the best cartoon I saw recently waas a frail elderly gent being introduced to some-one who remarked “Oh, I didn’t realise there was a Lord Gaga”. Interesting concept…

F1 1970’s Racing Sunglasses

Rush film sparks interest in 70’s racing shades…

carrera speedway shades sunglasses ref rushI saw a piece in the printed press – though it was from shortlist.com which [a] has a lot of spectacles related items – to which I will return, thank you* and [b] doesn’t seem to have the article I saw in the press version (where did I get it? It must have been an insert into something else?)

Anyway the piece was about seventies racing shades and four pairs were listed. All “names” (Carrera/Safilo, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari and Ray-ban) and all quite expensive in my mind for something your dad threw away, decades ago (£90 to £306).

RUSH film with carrera speedway shades sunglassesThe first Carrera Speedway by Safilo were the ones from the film Rush worn by it’s James Hunt star, Chris Hemsworth. Safilo also own Polaroid who didn’t get a look in in the Shortlist article, though they have many metal framed shades the traditional RayBan shape and variations thereon. I must try and find out if they have any specifically 70’s racing style in plastic… They did do a pair vaguely in this style which we gave away in a competition some time ago but they were supposed to be forties! – See Polaroid shades contest winner.

ferrari 308gts sunglasses. red perforated leatherAll share the same straight top built-in bridge design (with various degrees of built in nose pad too) and the teardrop shape lens. (Is that the right description of this shape… another job to do, is to find out the right terminology…)

The most expensive shades in the Shortlist article were the Ferrari ones, which do come in leather. And perforated leather too. I must say that closer inspection on the Ferrari website does show them in a good light… but then you can spend £300 on some sunglasses if you want to: I’m not – not today anyway. These also come in brown leather (why bother, that’s much too classy) or a version in either metal or tortoiseshell with just the bridge bar in leather; also quite attractive.

All in all you could get lured into buying these retro styled sunglasses but there are other retro styles and many modern ones which are just plain more attractive. These are the styles mocked in TV commercials! Remember the 1970’s was not the height of forever-fashion. I know I was there…

*Including an image of the first specs sent through a 3d printer to make a world’s first – lenses not included!

Vanessa Feltz, SWOTY & Spectacles Blog’s Spectacles

Vanessa, a good sport, dancing and wearing my specs…

What A Good Sport...

What A Good Sport…

I bumped into the friendly celebrity at the Spectacles Wearer of the Year (SWOTY) and actually persuaded her to try my specs. The glasses (in my picture here) on the right are her own and the ones on the left are mine. She was very happy to swap specs for fun. Then, within days, she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing – not wearing glasses at all – but hopefully she was still having fun. And then she got knocked out of the dancing competition before I could get this piece up.

The good thing about Vanessa was that I knew her. Being a man of a certain age (sorry, I am both), I didn’t know a lot of the other well-known people who were greeted on the green carpet (Specsavers version or the red carpet: neat). I meant to rush into action and post pictures of them all but other things got in the way. SWOTY Spectacles Blog in JB handmadesBut have no fear, I have many images to follow. The evening gave me lots of material. So whilst real glasses commentators write about the latest trendy specs on offer for silly sums of money, you get me warbling on about my big night out…

PS You should have seen me in the SWOTY reception with my daughter’s pocket camera and all the press with their thousand pound lenses (huge) and cameras and camera bags. Did I feel small. No becasue I had two pairs of glasses with me (pictured) and I was wearing my fine Edwardian suit. Look at me…

Don’t Lose Your Reading Glasses

Good idea... good colour reading glasses

Good idea… good colour reading glasses

Magnetic & colourful reading glasses… On a chain

I had a spam comment punting the following so I’m in two minds about promting it. maybe I’ll tell you where you can see them but not give a link (that’s what the spammers want). So go to cuckooland dot com if you’re interested.

You can see the idea on the right. reading glasses on a chain… on  amagnetic base. Supposedly you never lose them by leaving on the desk or bedside table or in the kkitchen, or wherever.

They come in different colours and they come with no base for less but I don’t know why. (I know why they cost less but I don’t know why you’d want them without the base unless the end of the chain sticks to something.) The rather annoying site where you can see them explains very little, it’s so worried about being quirky, it’s totally ignored being helpful. So I don’t know aht the magnification is – or even if they have lenese but I guess they must have. $25 cost so not a bad gift.

Reading Glasses or Readers:

If you’re looking at Spectacles Blog for the first time and want to search for Reading Glasses, I’ve only just started a new category for them. The good news is that I don’t have to spend forever giving synonyms: Reading Glasses are sometimes called Readers but rarely anything else. Other glasses are called spectacles or specs (spex) or eyewear. But for once I don’t have to repeat “Spectacles”. Has anyone ever heard of Reading Spectacles. Not, I think.

PS The bad news is that I have to go over hundreds of old posts and reclassify them so they’re in Reading Glasses category…


Spectacles Wearer of The Year #1

SWOTY13.Jenni Eclair BW SpectaclesJenny Eclair: Famous Spectacle Wearer & Comedienne…

The first spectacles-wearing sleb I captured at the big spec bash last week was Jenni Eclair… who said when she  briefly viewed the picture on my camera, that it was the best picture of her ever. I think that might have been an exaggeration but even if I so say myself (in support of Jenny), it is quite good. See pic on left…

jenny eclair in white spectacles

Jenny’s picture from her own site…

I guess the best ones she will like most are the ones from her website, where she’ll have total control. See the photo on the right.

Jenny’s latest big black spectacles suit her very much. She is wearing the same ones in the latest poster promoting her next tour. Unfortunately being a useless reporter (see further post on me vs. paps), I forgot to ask anyone who’s spectacles they were wearing. Mind I have always gone for the look and not the names behind the frames.

But even so, if someone else wants to track down her spectacles, I have been of no help whatsoever! Jenny presented the prize to one of the Spectacles Wearers of the year (the over 60’s) – the winner of which won the whole event (again… await further posts).

In her chat she declared that in the event of trying to clean her speecs earlier (“a funny thing happened on the way to the theatre”) she of course couldn’t see and had cleaned her specs on a pair of silk drawers. Nothing at all wrong with that. Why not all the time?

PS Jenny tweeted  from the event that she was on the same table as XYZ from MIC (who neglected to mention SWOTY in all his tweeting) and his beautiful  girlfriend. I had seen her legs earlier and had asked if she was famous (as stated above, Spectacles Blog is not a good paparatzi reporter). She had to tell me it was the boyfriend who was famous. I must read more tabloids. Bitch, bitch…

Self Portraiture: Making A Spectacle of Yourself

How hard is it to photograph yourself in glasses…

I thought I’d write a last piece about my new spectacles fropm Reykjavik Eyes before it seems like I’ve written too much on one maker…

Reykjavik specs - self portrait bBut what to say that I didn’t say in the post about when I first liked them, when they sent me some but I couldn’t get them glazed, or in the last post about getting them glazed (and that included some lovely pictures of the detail)… So I thought I’d show myself in them. So checking through my pictures, I realised just how hard it is to photograph oneself.

the problems of taking your own picture in glasses dFirstly where do you put the camera – in front of your eyes? And if you put it above your head or to the side the results are quite odd. See the composite below which includes some of the no-no’s.  Flash is, as you’ll see another big problem. No flash and it’s too dark.

The image here (above) is OK but I think that that is the reflection in the tinted lenses. As always I try to get rid of my face as much as possible. Obviously the art of spectacles photography doesn’t include self portraiture. The answer… get a photographer – and ideally a model. Just look back at the great picture from Reykjavik Eyes which first attracted me to them. Their site showed mostly people in their glasses.

But I do need to take my own pictures sometimes. Time delay maybe… But then all my pics would just have the back of running…

Maybe I should run a competition for the best bespectacled self portrait.